9 things you'd only know if you grew up on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has to be the best place to grow up in the whole of Australia. Seriously, though — the beautiful beaches, the stunning canals, the unparalleled hinterland, the weather… We could go on for hours. For some, the Goldie is much more than a tourist destination — it’s home to all our childhood memories (and definitely some adult ones as well!). Here are a few things that you’ll only be able to relate to if you grew up on the wonderful Gold Coast.

1. You learnt to swim in the Gold Coast canals… Before shark plague knowledge was a thing!

Oh, the good old days when you could swim in the canals without worrying about getting a foot bitten off… Wasn’t that the best? Well, not anymore. In recent years, many Bull Sharks have been seen swimming in the canals. Fishermen can probably tell you a few stories about it. But sharks are not the only creatures you can find — the Goldie’s canals also provide monsters stingrays and jellyfish.

2. Spotting Southern Cross tattoos is pretty much a sport

Love them or hate them, there are lots going around — and they are nearly impossible to miss. So many in fact, that it was probably a game you played as a kid to pass the time.

3. You avoided Schoolies at all cost

Ugh, Schoolies! Can November please just go away? Streets and beaches flooded with people, extra security, parties… If you grew up in the Gold Coast, chances are November was the month you knew things got out of control, all because of Schoolies! Isn’t there other city recent high school graduates can go trash? We happen to love our Gold Coast, thank you very much.

4. When someone says ‘pizza’, you immediately think of Justin Lane

Yeah, because it’s the only option! There isn’t another pizza spot that even resembles Justin Lane. And it’s easy to see why: They focus on pizza, pasta and cocktails — and those are the three things that should rule everybody’s lives, right? And to top it off, their venue also features an incredible rooftop. Move over, Domino’s! This, right here, is all us Gold Coasters need for a nice meal.

5. Most of the people you went to high school with are now PTs

Well, that’s the life! Being fit, and inspiring other people to become fitter. But, if we’re going to decode this, it’s easy to see why it happens: The Gold Coast is the perfect city for personal trainers. Filled with stunning outdoor parks, amazing beaches (that make a perfect spot for morning yoga), great coastal walks and lots of gyms. Overall it’s a nature-lovers paradise. And, did we mention the Goldie also has great weather?

6. Winter? What’s that?

While Sydneysiders and Melbournians are freezing down south (don't even get us started on the unfortunate Tasmanians), us Goldies grew up knowing nothing about this mysterious ‘cold’ season that’s supposed to happen in the middle of the year. Sure, you could feel the temperatures dropping slightly — but that never meant you had to stop going to the beach.

7. Everybody surfs

Literally, everybody surfs. And if for some mysterious reason you don’t, the majority of your friends probably do. Because people who grew up on the Gold Coast probably learnt to surf before they could even walk. If you don’t believe us, ask Mick Fanning — or any other well-known Aussie surfer that hails from the Goldie.

8. Any day below 23 degrees is cold

That’s the mark. That’s when things start getting rough for us, when the temperatures dare to go below 23º. It doesn't happen very often, though, so that’s great — however Gold Coasters aren’t equipped to deal with such low temperatures. It definitely makes it hard to hit the beach!

9. You don't own an umbrella

You know you’re from the Gold Coast if you never owned and umbrella — but every ten seconds you wish you did. Because in the Gold Coast, it doesn't rain: Water just erupts from the sky — it rains sideways, without warning. By the time you’re thinking about umbrellas, it’s already too late: You’re soaking wet.

The place to live

Growing up in the Gold Coast came with lots of super-fun perks, such as the incredible weather and sunlight, the beautiful beaches, and so much more. We hope that this article was able to help you reminisce, and take you back to those memories you can only relate to if you were raised on the Goldie. To experience the Gold Coast at its finest, visit the Coolangatta Hotel and grab a great pub feed - all the locals recommend it.
23 / 07 / 2018