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Cooly Recording Sessions

Cooly Recording Sessions
It's time to tune your instruments and bring your A Game for the Cooly Recording Session!

The Cooly Recording Sessions are a niche event tailored towards supporting local GC Songwriters.

The In-House Sound Engineer will record your instruments and vocals to be later mixed and mastered by the producer of your choice. You also receive the Front Of House Stereo Mix.

You retain full ownership of the songs and sound recordings. For easy transfer of files, please bring a hard drive with you.

This is not an open mic/jam night.

There will be a feature artist at the start and end of the night, but the rest will be a first come, first served basis. Acts will get 2 songs each, 3 if the crowd wants another.

Priority is given to original artists over those playing covers.

If you’re interested in participate, have any questions about the event or if your act is large or complex please contact DTF SPIDERS via email or facebook and they will see if we can accommodate you.

Things to note:
Drum kits, guitar amps, bass amps etc. will bleed into vocal/instrument microphones on stage so you are advised to keep your stage noise to a minimum for best isolation in your recordings.

You can do this by:
Bringing In-Ear Monitors
DI rather than mic’ing a cab.
Bringing rods, brushes, mutes for your drums.
Keeping your Foldbacks to the bare minimum

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