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OOTD: The Gold Coast Style Edit

OOTD: The Gold Coast Style Edit
on 12 April 2019 in Travel & Lifestyle

The right outfit can boost your confidence, ensure you’re comfortable, and help you avoid a painful fashion faux pas. So what are some of the looks that are trending for women on the Gold Coast right now? Whether it’s a beach day or a night out enjoying live music, we’ve got you covered. With these outfit-of-the-day ideas, you’ll look and feel great and get the dress code just right.

The beach

Dress right for the beach or any pool party with these casual, summery looks.

  • Shorts and bikini top – For a daytime beach look, match your favourite bikini top with high-waisted shorts and a sporty visor. Finish off your look with a straw bag.
  • One-piece and denim skirt – Pair up a one-piece swimsuit with a denim skirt and you’ll transition effortlessly from dining out at lunchtime to the beach.
  • Kimono, bikini, and trousers – For nighttime pool parties or cooler days, add a layer with a lightweight robe or kimono over a bikini top. Add some slouchy trousers and slides and you’ve got yourself a relaxed, stylish look for the evening.
  • Crop top and sarong – Slip a crop top over your bikini top and wrap on a sarong for a versatile beach day look that can see you through for lunch and dinner as well.


A great shopping outfit not only looks good but offers practical benefits. It should be a comfortable outfit and easy to change in and out of.

  • Pull-on pants – Pair your favourite casual top with some pull-on pants and you’ve got a winner for your shopping day. In contrast to tight jeans, leggings, and tights, pull-on pants or slouch-front trousers that are zipper and button free make it easy to try on clothes.
  • Maxi dress with flats – A flowing maxi dress is easy to get in and out of. A pair of comfortable pointed flats are just as easy to step out of when you need to try on outfits, not to mention they support hours of pain-free walking.

Theme parks

Spending the day at a theme park? Try these outfit-of-the-day ideas for a hassle-free day.

  • Belt-free cotton dress – A flowing cotton dress without a waistband makes for a cool, comfortable time when you’re waiting in line for a ride. Choose one that’s breathable and quick drying (for the water rides) and all the better if it’s made from a moisture-wicking material. Finish your outfit with a pair of flip-flops or low wedges.
  • Longer shorts with T-shirt – Longer shorts are flattering and chic, and more importantly, they protect your thighs and bottom from hot seats and benches baking in the sunlight. Match with a favourite T-shirt, but avoid whites and semi-transparent colours as these can show more than you’d want to show when the fabric gets wet during a water ride.
  • Skirt with T-shirt – Again, choose breathable, quick-drying materials and a loose fit to help you keep cool. Match with sunnies and a baseball cap or straw hat to stay protected against the sun.

Gigs and live music

If you’re heading out for an outdoor concert, live music at a hotel, or a street music festival, you’ll want to get into the spirit of things with the right look.

  • Band tee and fun bottom – Opt for your favourite band T-shirt and match it with some funky flared bottoms for a unique look.
  • Black, white, and denim – Layer a denim jacket over your favourite casual black or white dress, or skirt and top. Complete the look with some ankle boots with metallic detail or patent finish.
  • Leather bottom and summery top – Pair up your favourite leather pants or skirt with a hippy-style summer top for a rocker-chic look.
  • Feminine dress and boots – Combine your favourite casual dress with some leather boots for a gig-ready look.
  • Jeans and heels – Slip on your favourite T-shirt and jeans and dress it up with a cute handbag and metallic heels. For a slightly dressier look, switch out the T-shirt for an off-the-shoulder top.


Dining out with your partner and/or a couple of friends is a great excuse to dress up and show some stylistic flair.

  • Embellished top and black jeans – Make an embellished top, sweater or blouse, the focal point of your outfit. Pair with some chic black jeans, boots, and a crossbody bag.
  • Sheer top and pants – Go slightly more formal with an embellished semi-sheer top, pants, and metallic mules. Add a funky wrist bag for extra interest.
  • Mini dress and boots – Slip on your favourite mini dress, pair with some cute ankle boots, and add a crossbody bag to complete the look.
  • Camisole and cardigan – Pair a black camisole with a light, long cardigan and skinny jeans, and finish off the look with some leopard-print heels.

Walks in nature

Getting out and about in the great outdoors is all about practicality when it comes to your outfit.

  • Pants and T-shirt – Avoid denim, which can chafe and hold sweat next to your skin, and opt for sweat-wicking fabric pants instead.
  • Skirt and shirt – Choose short-sleeved shirts and make sure both top and bottom are made from sweat-wicking materials. Avoid skin-baring tops which mean you need to strain to get the sunscreen on.
  • Layer up – In colder weather, layer up with a light sweater or windproof jacket. Avoid too much clothing.

When it comes to footwear, avoid cotton socks and opt for high-tech fabrics that keep you cool and dry. Cover up with a hat instead of a vision, which offers only partial coverage for the head. Choose lightweight, well-designed fitness shoes.

So now that you’re all set for outfits, you’re ready for a night out. Wear your live music outfit or dinner outfit for an evening of delicious food and live music at The Cooly Hotel. Check out the gig guide here.