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What to Give Dad on Father’s Day

What to Give Dad on Father’s Day
on 31 August 2017 in General News

Stuck with Father’s Day present ideas? Feel like planning a bit ahead of time? We’ve got you covered. The fact is, it can be tough to arrange a present for Dad he’ll truly appreciate. Sometimes it seems that father’s never let anyone in the family know what they want, so your digging skills need to be deep.
Don’t despair, though – it’s the little things and family moments, such as a dinner out or a gadget he’ll find useful that are the kind of presents he’ll cherish, remember, and enjoy the most. Keep reading to find out more about what dad really wants this Father’s Day.

1. Family meal

Did you know that when it comes to Father’s Day, most money spent goes towards lunches and dinners? That’s because nothing can beat a family meal out. The opportunity to share as a family while enjoying mouth-watering food is priceless. So head down to the Coolangatta Hotel Restaurant this Father’s Day and show your dad how much you appreciate him.
The extensive, modern-Australian menu features unparalleled creations such as delicious fresh oysters, bacon and haloumi stuffed mushrooms, barramundi spring rolls, Rump steak, schnitty burgers, salt and pepper squid and so much more. Dad doesn’t eat meat? No worries, because the Cooly Hotel Restaurant also has veggo options available. Simply book your table, tuck into a tantalising meal, and enjoy quality time with your family.

2. Casual clothing

Dads go on shopping sprees all the time, right? Uhm, not that we know of, but hey, somebody has to make sure Dad is on trend, and nobody wants to push this task onto Mum. So, head to the Coolangatta Menswear store and browse some casual, stylish, and modern apparel made for the modern family man.

Be prepared to find everything in the shop, from shirts, pants, polo shirts, accessories, and much more. If you’re unsure of your father’s size and measurements, simply keep the receipt and be sure to let Dad know not to take any tags off the garments so you can swap them if necessary.

3. Massage

If your father is wound up in knots, you could treat him to a professional massage. Chances are he’ll never book one himself, but he will not regret it once he gets one. Louie Chinese Medical Clinic offers a range of traditional Chinese medicine techniques, remedial massages and massage therapies. All treatments are natural, and aim to improve daily routines and quality of life by reducing ageing speed. So if your dad seems stressed or if he hasn’t had a break in ages, a massage can be a great gift idea.

There are other alternatives to a massage that could be super beneficial to his health as well, such as acupuncture or herbal Chinese medicine, practises that have been around for more than 5,000 years. If your dad suffers from insomnia or constant headaches this could be perfect. These techniques are also available at Louie Chinese Medical Clinic, and can also make for a killer Father’s Day present. A well-relaxed dad will be sure to thank you!

4. Good-quality meat for a BBQ

Nothing can beat the ol’ Aussie barbecue! Virtually every Australian dad enjoys a delicious piece of meat on the grill, as well as the social aspect of it. Organising a family barbecue at home can be the perfect idea for Father’s Day. However, because this is a special occasion, you should get locally-sourced, quality meat. The Meat Merchant in Coolangatta offers a range of top-tier, free-range local pasture-fed beef that’s also hormone and growth-promotion free. You can taste the goodness. You’ll also find Lilydale free range chicken, grass-fed Tasmanian lamb, gourmet handmade sausages, and much more.

5. Bowling

Sometimes, a good time with your dad doesn’t have to be something he already loves: get him out of his comfort zone and having a laugh with a fun bowling session. Grab your dad and the rest of your family and swing by Timezone Coolangatta, a recognised leader in tourism and family entertainment. Located in the Strand Shopping Centre at Coolangatta, Timezone covers 3,000 square metres of pure fun, featuring tenpin bowling, laser skirmish, and dodgem cars. So why not unleash the inner kid in your dad and let him forget about adult stuff for one day?

6. A pair of trendy sunnies

When was the last time you saw your dad wearing a trendy pair of sunnies? Sunglasses make for an awesome present, especially if you live around the Gold Coast area, where we enjoy more than 200 sunny days a year. That surely is a lot of sunshine, and not that we’re complaining, but the Aussie sun can be harsh, and the damage to the skin and eyes can be equally bad. Giving your dad a pair of sunnies for Father’s Day will not only be a nice and luxurious gesture – you’ll also be looking after his health. Be sure to drop by Just Sunnies and browse their huge range, you’ll be sure to find something to suit any taste.

Showing your appreciation

It’s not always easy to know exactly what to give dad on Father’s Day. You want to show him you appreciate him, however, a plain old gift card may get a little bit repetitive! Hopefully, this guide was able to clear your mind a little bit and filled it with awesome gift ideas in Coolangatta for Dad on his day.