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Don’t Miss These Upcoming Gigs at Cooly Hotel

Don't Miss These Upcoming Gigs at Cooly Hotel
on 14 January 2021 in General News

Embrace the music this 2021 with award winning local and international artists playing at the Coolangatta Hotel.

Here are 5 upcoming gigs at the Cooly Hotel you do not want to miss.

1. The Beautiful Girls

The Beautiful Girls are playing on Friday 26 March 2021 at the Coolangatta Hotel.

An Australian rock group showcasing a vibrant range of styles, touching in folk, reggae and pop, you’ll find that roots music lies in the heart of The Beautiful Girls’ group’s sound. The draw of the beat combines heavy bass rhythms and elements of soul, jazz, dub, hip hop, and a bunch of lightning bolts. 

Led by frontman Mat McHugh as the voice and lead guitarist, The Beautiful Girls features Mitch Connelly on the drums, Clay MacDonald on the bass, xylophone and recorder.

An unconventional name that was born from the desire to fight against stereotypes, The Beautiful Girls have seen worldwide success on tour promoting their studio debut “Learn Yourself”, released in September 2003, in the United States, Canada and Japan. 

The move toward a more dance oriented and hip hop influence came upon the release of their EP “Weight of the World”, which saw a tour of Australia. This led to a second studio album “We’re Already Gone”, which reached No.19 on the ARIA Albums Chart.

After disbanding in 2007, the band came back together in 2010 and released their 4th studio album “Spooks”, which reached No.1 on the Australian Independent Chart, No.7 on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart, and No.18 on the ARIA Albums Chart.

So if you’re into creative rock music that touches upon different sounds and influences, grab your tickets at Oztix before they’re gone. 

2. John Floreani

Listen to John Floreani on 29 January 2021 at the Coolangatta Hotel.

If you are moved by songs that tell a story, there is no better storyteller through music than John Floreani. A hard life that hasn’t always been prideful, John Floreani talks intensely about his unsettled past experiences in his music. From bad decisions and bad relationships to stories of abuse and addiction, explore the intricate life of a musician through his very own punk rock music.

Featuring The American Dream, the third and breakthrough album from John’s New South Wales band Trophy Eyes, you will hear immortal lines of shockingly honest truths within.

John has also been working on a solo side project called Little Brother, which touches on different genres and themes away from punk rock, the likes of EDM and backwater country music.

Grab your tickets for John Floreani at Oztix today.

3. Devilskin

Devilskin on 21 February 2021 at the Coolangatta Hotel.

An alternative metal band from across the pond in Hamilton, New Zealand, Devilskin plays music that will lift your spirits high and make you want to rock into the night.

With music that is dynamic, organic and real, the depth and passion that comes out of every note played and every word sung will hit you to your core. The compelling and irresistible sound finishes with the stunning explosiveness that you could only dream of in a live performance.

Featuring Jennie Skulander on lead vocals with a voice that will allure the stage, the transitions from whispers to roars that rip with power, melody, and captivating sincerity. Nail is on Lead Guitar brings on the experience from winning the NZ Battle of the Bands and the World Battle of the Bands in 2004, followed by several national tours, single releases, EPs, videos and an album. Paul Martin is on bass guitar bringing to the table a powerful and aggressive propulsive force that syncs seamlessly with his son, Nic Martin who is on drums. Nic is an accomplished drummer, who was the youngest artist to ever play the BDO at the age of 13 back in 2009. With a fiercely unique style that exhilarates and energises, the showmanship is captivating.

Altogether, the Devilskin bandmates offer a gig that you do not want to miss at the Coolangatta Hotel. Book your tickets now at Oztix.

4. Icons & Legends (A Tribute to Eddie Van Halen)

A true legendary icon that holds high esteem, respect and a legacy worth recognising, Eddie Van Halen was a guitarist who shaped generations with a unique exploration into the world of guitar skills.

In tribute to Eddie Van Halen, who passed away on 6 October 2020, the Frankies World Famous House Band from Sydney’s rock institution – Frankies Pizza, will be showcasing a Van Halen show featuring the genius of his work. 

The band comprises of Joel McDonald (one of Australia’s most in demand guitarists), Bobby Poulton (from Wolfmother), Jordan McDonald (from The Art, Mi-Sex), and guest vocalists including Simon Hill, Frank Lakoudis and Spencer Jones.

Promising a show filled with pure intensity that will energise the crowd, this world class performance in tribute to the legend is worthy of making Eddie Van Halen proud.

Guest guitarists will also make the line up to pay homage to Eddie Van Halen. It is an understatement to say that fans can expect the performance to be filled with guitar hysterics, classic Van Halen hits, and album cuts that were hardly ever played live.

An absolute must for any guitar, rock, or Van Halen fan. Book your tickets now on Oztix to watch this epic tribute at the Coolangatta Hotel. A true celebration of real rock ‘n’ roll.

5. Choirboys

Watch Choirboys play on 29 May 2021 at the Coolangatta Hotel.

An Australian hard rock, pub rock band from Sydney, the history of the Choirboys is a fascinating one that dates back to 1979. The vibes take on a fun filling excitement that has rocked crowds as early as the 80s and 90s.

The band’s original front man, Mark Gable on the vocals and guitar along with Ian Hulme on bass and vocals, still lead the show with the addition of Paul Wheeler, one of Australia’s greatest rock drummers.

The atmosphere on stage is energetic and charismatic followed by the ability to wow the crowd through familiar chart topping hits such as “Boys will be Boys”, “Run to Paradise”, “Never Gonna Die” and “Struggletown”. You’ll also get the chance to listen to their new tracks from “Evolver”.

A definite must for those looking to walk down memory lane and have a great time with music that you can sing along to. Be sure to book tickets at Oztix to watch the Choirboys at the Coolangatta Hotel on 29 May 2021.