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Boogie on down to Bourbon Street

Boogie on down to Bourbon Street
on 21 July 2017 in General News

Feel in the mood for a little live music?

We’re excited to bring Byron Bay legends Bourbon Street to The Cooly.

When: Sunday 30 July from 3pm
Where: Live in the Beach Bar

About Bourbon Street…

Australian four-piece rock band Bourbon Street (all original members) formed in Byron Bay, NSW, in February, 1987. The band enjoyed immediate success on the live circuit as a 70’s-styled high-energy cover band and soon began writing their own songs. During the next 6 years, Bourbon Street played more live shows than any other band in Australia.

They won multiple awards and released three albums before disbanding in September of ‘93. Their debut LP, ‘Stronger Than Dirt’, released in ’88, featured a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Powder Finger’, which became the band’s traditional opener for live shows. A fledgling Brisbane-based group at the time was largely influenced by Bourbon Street and chose this song’s title as their band’s namesake. ‘Stronger Than Dirt’ went on to become a cult classic and is still in popular demand.

These seasoned rockers draw large crowds and play with the same child-like enthusiasm that put them on the map 30-years ago. Their repertoire features fan-faves from their albums and a mix of high-energy covers from The Doors, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, The Stones, AC/DC and the like.