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Ain’t That Swell

Ain't That Swell
on 27 March 2019 in General News

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Jed “Smivvy” Smith and Vaughan “Deadly” Blakey with Pauly B, Rob “GMOAT” Bain, Ronnie Blakey and Danny “the Wet Lettuce” Johnson.
It’s the surf podcast dedicated to cutting sick and which has taken the world by corn and now the Ain’t That Swell experience goes to an entirely new level with the announcement of the first ever UP THE SWELLIANS National Tour.
What started off as surf journalists Jed “Smivvy” Smith and Vaughan “Deadly” Blakey dropping satirical infrequent episodes with musings, rants, analysis and even the odd song about anything and everything from with the culturally rich and wildly diverse world of surf, has since gone on to become a must listen cult phenomenon that has changed surf media and penetrated into surf culture like nothing before it.
Smivvy and Deadly, along with a host of regular characters including Producer Pauly B, Master World Champion Rob “GMOAT” Bain, WSL Head Commentator Ronnie Blakey, Surfing World Editor Danny “the Wet Lettuce” Johnson, plus many more, have created a community for the surf fan who loves surfing while never taking it too seriously. The language of the podcast has even entered the surf lexicon with phrases like “Keeeeeding me!” “Dragging corn,” “Cone Zone” and the recent “Carn Joycey” (in support of Julian Wilson’s 2018 World Title) all regularly heard in beachside car parks not only in Australia but around the world.
“Our listeners are Swellians. They’re passionate, intelligent and well versed on all things surf,” explains Deadly. “And I think they’ve connected with the podcast because we have an absolute ball talking shit about surfing while never tearing it down. We’re basically all a bunch of like-minded mates who believe surfing is incredible fun and also the most ridiculous thing you can do with your life. And every day it serves up something new so there’s always something new to talk about.”
“Swellians are lordish, no bullshit legends,” adds Smivvy. “They care about shit; good surfing, the environment and the goings on of the broader culture both within and outside of the surf industry. They’re the core of the core but they don’t take it too serious and it feels like Ain’t That Swell speaks to them in the same way surf mags spoke to people in the early 70s. It peels back the glossy veneer and gets straight into the guts of it all but with a solid sense of humour at the heart of each episode.”
The Up The Swellians! Tour promises to bring all the elements of a regular episode to life with special A List guest panellists (including Joel Parkinson, Tom Carroll, Ryan Callinan, Creed McTaggart, Otis Carey and whole lot more to be announced) and all the segments that people love including Finger Buns, Under or Over, Kelly Slater What are you Thinking?, Phone Zone and the ever popular audience participation segment Ask us a Question We’ll Tell You No Lies.