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How to Plan an Unforgettable Hens or Bucks Night in Gold Coast

How to Plan an Unforgettable Hens or Bucks Night in Gold Coast
on 16 March 2020 in Events & Entertainment

Like many rites of passage in life, getting married is a momentous occasion and one worth celebrating. Many Australian grooms and brides-to-be like to mark this milestone by throwing a party prior to getting married. It’s a great excuse to gather with friends and rejoice in the upcoming union over a few drinks, games, or entertainment. 

Planning an unforgettable Hens or Bucks night starts with thinking outside of the box. There are endless themes, activities, and experiences to choose from depending on the interests of the bride or groom and their guests. Location is also an important factor. Luckily the Gold Coast is a prime entertainment destination, filled with brilliant activities, stylish nightspots, and memorable event options. 

How to plan a hens night

Whether you’re the bride, sister of the bride, or the maid of honour – throwing a hens night begins with careful planning. It’s important to start with a list of guests as well as a budget. This is something that should be discussed with all members of the hen’s party, especially the bride prior to finalising any venues or invites.

1. Set a realistic budget

Figuring out a budget will allow you to shortlist venues or entertainment options. Some hens nights work by each member of the party pitching in a set amount, while other parties may be paid entirely by the host. If you are wanting guests to chip in, then avoid any awkwardness by asking guests to have their money paid up in advance. 

2. Choose a date and location

There’s always a lot going on in the lead-up to a wedding, so it’s vital to choose a date far enough in advance to avoid any rush. It also pays to set a date early enough so that the bride and guests can avoid double-booking. When it comes to choosing a location, some may prefer local to avoid any transport costs while others may prefer a weekend getaway for something extra special.  

3. Choose an activity or theme

Different brides will enjoy different things. While some brides’ idea of a great hens party is a pampering spa day, others may want an adrenaline-packed experience such as going to a theme park or even white water rafting. It’s important to choose an activity or theme that suits the personality of the bride. This also applies to decorations. Don’t provide any props or jokes if the bride isn’t up for that sort of thing. Choosing a theme can include anything from a 70s dress-up party to a pyjama party. Get creative and let your common interests be the base for your ideas. 

4. Plan entertainment

Will the hen’s party be at a hotel or bar with a live band as entertainment? Or will entertainment be a live show, movie, or experience? If there’s a 70s theme happening then perhaps entertainment can include a karaoke night at a local bar, or if your party is more of the traditional cheeky kind, you may decide to go to an all-male review show or even a burlesque show. If the hen’s party is at home, entertainment can include party games and a makeshift dance floor. 

How to organise a bucks night

Have the honour of being your mates best man? This is a time to let loose and have fun planning the ultimate bucks night! But with the honour of hosting a bucks party comes a lot of responsibility. There are many ways to make a bucks party memorable. The best way to start is to plan around the groom’s personality and go from there. 

1. Discuss ideas with the groom

Throwing some ideas around with the groom can help you get a feel for what he may like and how he would like to celebrate. Some may prefer the ‘surprise factor’ and not know where or what they’re getting into. Others may be firm in wanting a simple guys night at the local. 

Determine if he’s the type for a boozy night out or the kind who would love a camping and fishing weekend. There are options to make the bucks night a full day event or weekend away or even just a night out in the city. There’s a wide range of options to choose from, but ultimately it comes down to appealing to the grooms taste first.

2. Keep the budget reasonable

Asking for too much will limit the guests who can afford to come while keeping the budget too low will result in a pretty mediocre party. Set a realistic budget by discussing event ideas with guests and then working out the amount of money everyone can chip in to make it feasible. 

3. Make it memorable but don’t go overboard

There’s always the risk of things getting out of control when it comes to bucks nights. While it is an opportunity to get a little crazy it also shouldn’t involve anything illegal or unsafe. Some great alternative ideas for an unforgettable bucks night can include jet skiing, hiring a cruise boat for the day, quad biking, taking a brewery tour, paintball, going to an escape room or having a poker and games night. 

4. Organising live entertainment

While your bucks party can choose to visit clubs and shows out in the city, you can also opt to hire live entertainment at your chosen venue. If it’s something your groom and guests are comfortable with, then hiring dancers or live entertainment such as hypnotist shows, magic shows, karaoke or jukeboxes can make for an unforgettable night. 

Celebrate on the Gold Coast

Celebrating your hens night or bucks night on the Gold Coast means you are guaranteed to be entertained. There’s a huge amount of activities to do and see around the coast. From the beaches to the nightlife and adrenaline-packed activities, the Gold Coast has a reputation for being the destination for revellers no matter what activity you are into. 

Whether it’s a night out clubbing in Surfers Paradise, a day of dancing lessons with the girls or a party boat cruise along one of the many waterways winding the coast, there is truly something for everyone. Hosting the perfect night in Australia’s Gold Coast is something any bride or groom will remember for a lifetime. 

Image credit: Easy Weddings