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10 Problems Only Music Lovers Will Understand

10 Problems Only Music Lovers Will Understand
on 22 May 2018 in Travel & Lifestyle

Being a music lover is incredible. You appreciate the art of music – the rhythms, sentiment, soul, and lyrics. You come alive when you hear your jams. You feel invisible and all is good in the world. However, it can also come with some problems…

1. When people ask for your favourite singer/band

For real? Is that a question people are allowed to ask? There are infinite artists out there. Multiple genres. Decades and decades of music. You can’t possibly expect me to pick one singer or band — it’s not like talking about a favourite colour or piece of fruit. The options are far too great to be reduced to one single band.

2. When you play a song for someone and they start talking

I’m sorry, did you not see all the time it took to find that song? Did you not see me on the verge of tears when it started? Can you please not ruin it by talking? As a music lover, it can be hard to get over the disrespect that somebody talking over an incredible song means.

3. When you’re in the car and a great song comes along — only to be ruined by another passenger asking you questions

You’re on a long drive, your phone is out of battery. The only option for music is to tune in the radio. You’re barely making it through the trip, thinking the ‘top 40’ will surely and slowly kill you, until… until miraculously, a good song comes along. You’re over the moon. You’ve started to daydream and feel alive again. Then – someone dares to open their mouth and ask pointless questions. Like, can you please not?

4. When you play a song for someone, make a comment about the lyrics, and they reply with ‘sorry, I don’t really pay attention to the lyrics’

What do you mean you ‘don’t pay attention to the lyrics’? Melodies, rhymes and styles come and go, but the lyrics… the lyrics are the best part. They are what stay with you after the song is gone, they are what gives the song meaning, and what makes a statement. The lyrics are the soul of the song — so please, listen to the lyrics.

5. When no one gets your music references

They’re not obscure… they’re common knowledge! Or, at least, they should be. Making a reference nobody understand can be tough — especially because then you’re labelled as a ‘music snob’. Blah. Move over, amateurs.

6. When someone refers to it as “your music”, dismissively

What are you implying with that tone? That my music is anything else than the greatest tunes on the whole universe? Because you know, they are. Actually proven, FYI. So you better change your tone of voice and get ready to be positively surprised by my incredible taste in music.

7. When people think they’re super-fans, but only know the latest record

No, you’re not their number one fan if you can’t name their previous records or the name of any member on the band who isn’t the vocalist. Come on, people. You need to do your research before you can claim you’re a super-fan!

8. That moment when you find a new favourite song and binge listen to it

You’re on the train commuting to work and you’re using crappy headphones because you left your quality-ones at home. It’s packed, and you know the headphones leak some of the sound, and everyone can tell you’re listening to the same song over and over again. But you don’t care because turning the volume down or changing that newfound masterpiece would be a far, far worse than society thinking you’ve gone mad.

9. Discovering an acoustic/live version of a favourite song

It’s like you’ve been given a new chance in life. It’s like trying chocolate for the first time. You’re just beyond yourself, and you can’t contain it. How could a song that you’ve loved for ages possibly get better?  

10. When you find out someone likes the same band as you

You like them too! Can we be friends forever and ever (in a non-creepy way)? Talking about music taste when meeting someone new can be a good indicator when it comes to potential friends and relationships — you can easily discard any possibility of human connection if they even dare to utter the words ‘Justin Bieber’.