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Beach Chic Christmas Guide

Beach Chic Christmas Guide
on 09 November 2017 in General News

When you live near or holiday at the beach, there’s no better gift to buy at Christmas than something that’s beach-friendly. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate beach chic Christmas gift guide. Check it out and get your Christmas shopping out of the way today.

For the surfer


Every surfer needs wax so if you’re looking for a gift you know they will use, wax is what you want to buy. It also won’t break the bank, starting from just a couple of dollars for a bar. If you’ve got a bit more to spend you can add a colourful wax comb/bottle opener or a wax scraper.


Taking care of your wetsuit is important but when getting in and out of your suit it’s easy to accelerate the inevitable process of wear and tear. A changing mat will protect a wetsuit from the pavement, gravel or other rough surfaces and can fold neatly over a wetsuit to become a water resistant bag.


Surfers have a lot of gear to carry and when it’s wet it can be difficult to manage. If you know someone who likes to surf in remote locations, a backpack designed for surfers is one of the best buys you can make. Designed, built and tested for all kinds of surf gear, surf backpacks are waterproof, sturdy, and have a ton of pockets for things like fins, wax, sunnies, headphones and even a laptop.

Best shop for surfersBoardriders

For the bodyboarder


Bodyboards are crying out for stickers to personalise and add character to something that can otherwise be quite plain. Die cut stickers will stand the test of time and start at just a few dollars. If you want to add a sunsmart gift, we recommend Sun Zapper Zinc Stick with SPF 50+.


Fins are crucial for scoring the kind of waves a true bodyboarder wants to score, and you can never get enough pairs. Bodyboarders lose fins often, so you know your gift will be appreciated. Fins come in all sorts of styles and colour, so have some fun with your gift.


Bodyboarding is a game of continued improvement and having started on a beginner board you can fast make your way through the different styles of boards. Find out the level your recipient is at and consider gifting them the next level up. This is bound to inspire them to push the boundaries on the waves and step out of their comfort zone.

Best shop for bodyboardersInverted Bodyboarding

For the sunsmart woman


Sunscreen might not sound like an exciting gift, but when you get one that smells and feels as good as Seafolly’s 50+ sunscreen, it suddenly steps up a notch. Offering high protection against UVA and UVB rays, it rubs in easily, dries clear, and is 4 hours water and sweat resistant.


Kaftans are a fantastic way to enjoy the beach safely and can be thrown over anything, wet or dry. Kaftans are often made from exquisite prints, meaning any lady in your life that receives a kaftan will be blown away by the beauty.


Rash vests come in all sorts of amazing colours and patterns and can feature shoulder cut outs, zips, short sleeves, long sleeves or no sleeves. For the sunsmart lady and the somewhat body conscious, a rash vest makes a beautiful gift that you can’t get wrong.

Best shop for the sunsmart ladySunburn Swimwear

For the sunsmart man


Being out in the sun all day can get you pretty thirsty, especially if you’re doing physical activity. The Mountain Supply Military Canteen is a genuine issue military canteen designed to carry up to a litre of water and is made of odour free polyethylene and is GSA compliant. The dent resistant plastic is durable and ready for rough use.


A good summer hat offers both protection and style. Not just a functional accessory, a hat is a style statement too. A baseball cap is a classic favourite but other hats that look great include the include a straw panama hat, snapback cap or felt hat.


Sunglasses are a must and it always pays to have a spare pair. While sometimes tricky to buy for others, you can’t go wrong with a simple black or grey matte pair.

Best shop for the sunsmart manStock and Supply

For the beach dreamer

Budget – Book

Who doesn’t love reading a great book when lazing on the beach as the afternoon sun comes down. It’s a magic time and the right book makes it even more magic. Do some research into the latest bestsellers to find something they might like to read.


The calm waters of the nearby Tweed River, Fingal Mouth and Currumbin Creek are screaming out for an inflatable of some description, be it a giant pizza slice, inflatable ice block or the classic ring kind. If only you could gift a cocktail to go with it.


For the ultimate dreamy afternoon at the beach, a bit of shade is a must. A big beach umbrella is perfect for this and can be easily moved around as the sun does.

Best shop for the beach dreamer: Nic Nax Discounts

Shopping in Coolangatta

Shopping with an activity in mind, especially an activity you know everyone loves, is a great way to get your Christmas shopping done in one quick swoop. No one can say no to a beach-friendly gift, so play it safe and shop with the sun, sand and sea in mind. Play it even safer and shop The Strand Coolangatta for the best brands. You’ll be finished before you know it and then you’ll have enough time to celebrate your shopping success with a pint at The Cooly Hotel.