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Bootleg Rascal

Bootleg Rascal
on 01 November 2018 in Events & Entertainment

Saturday 15 December
From 8pm
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Bootleg Rascal are gearing up for their second album. 2 years in the making, the margarita-sipping Rascals are serving up ghetto-dub tracks, dipped in cajun spice and sizzled on a hot pan. 

Taking cues from Fat Freddy’s Drop and Gorillaz, whilst still pushing the Bootleg sound with hypnotic synths and bouncing beats inspired by 90s West Coast Rap. 

Bootleg’s second studio album is due in September (through Sureshaker) and will feature their more recent single Mercy, and previous releases Tracks (Back To You)& With You.

“Bootleg Rascal!… I’ve heard of you guys! I play ‘Coming Home’ in my DJ set.” – Anthony Albanese / DJ Albo (Local MP/Part time DJ)

“wtf is this shit my dog sounds better”- Tom Cowan (Full time keyboard warrior & YouTube enthusiast)

“This song (Asleep in the Machine) is an explosion of sunshine.” – Dom Alessio (Triple J)

“Ur guitar player makes me want to drink alot of VB” – Thomas Schultz“When it was time for Bootleg Rascal everyone was on the edge of hysteria… fuck the room was charged and ready for a show.” – Savage Thrills 

“What the hell ya did to your hair?! sick song though” – natalie w

“Soon as the beat dropped it was terrible” – Johnny Jay

“Wow, the vocal guy is so hot!” – MegaLittlePaw