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4 Last Minute Christmas Party Ideas

4 Last Minute Christmas Party Ideas
on 01 November 2019 in Events & Entertainment

Christmas is the season to celebrate. It’s that time of the year where people get carried away with planning the perfect dinner, holding a fun lunch or throwing the cocktail party to end all cocktail parties. The trick to Christmas is enjoying the moment. The festive period isn’t about luxury or perfection, but rather, spending quality time with friends and family members. 

As Christmas approaches, you may be worried about having to plan a Christmas party for work colleagues or family and friends. However, there is no need to stress. As long as you play into the themes of the festive season, everyone is sure to have fun. 

This festive season there are more options than ever when it comes to throwing a Christmas party. From cocktail parties to BBQs, the perfect Christmas party is within your reach with these 4 Christmas party ideas. 

1. Throw a Christmas cocktail party
A perfect way to celebrate the season is by throwing a Christmas cocktail party. Featuring glitzy accents, a signature holiday cocktail and bright colours, this party is sure to impress. There is nothing like a night of good music and roaming canapes as a way to relax, unwind and toast to the festive season. 

As a host, you want to enjoy the night as much as your guests, that’s where function hires come in handy. With several different functions areas, the Cooly Hotel could be the perfect host for your Christmas cocktail party. 

Instead of worrying about hosting the party at your own home and cooking canapes and desserts, trust the experts. The Cooly Hotel will organise the logistics and you can enjoy a cocktail party that is a fitting celebration for Christmas. 

2. Host a dinner party

Another fun and exciting way to celebrate Christmas is by throwing a dinner party. The easy part of hosting is that you already have a theme – Christmas. So, play to this theme by designing a festive invitation, provide drinks like mulled wine and serve decadent desserts. 

Hosting a dinner party at home sounds stressful, but a bit of pre-planning can fix all that. Choose dishes that can be pre-prepared so that on the day of the dinner party you only have to put them in the oven.

Decorating is even easier. Chances are you will already have your Christmas tree up when it comes time to host a party. Therefore, host the dinner party near the Christmas tree, or if this isn’t possible, place ornaments around the house. Line the table with tinsel and baubles. 

3. Visit a bar 

There is no rule out there that suggests that Christmas parties have to be formal and extravagant. Sometimes the best way to celebrate is by going out to a bar and connecting with friends, family or colleagues over a good meal and some drinks. 

The Cooly Hotel is the perfect location for those looking for a relaxed Christmas party. With three different bars to choose from, chances are that you will find the perfect spot for your party. Have some food, enjoy a couple of drinks and relish the view in the Beach Bar. Or even rock the night away at the Icon Bar or The Balcony. 

With a Pool Comp every Friday night until December 20, Wednesday night trivia until December 18 and live music, the Cooly Hotel is the perfect venue for a relaxed, yet fun Christmas party. 

4. Host a BBQ
Hosting a BBQ is the perfect stress-free and casual way to host a Christmas party. There is no expectation for extravagance and it also allows for a light and friendly atmosphere. These are the perfect conditions under which to celebrate Christmas. 

While undoubtedly a casual way to hold a party, hosting a Christmas BBQ can still be a festive affair. Decorate the table with candles, bowls of punch, tinsel and Christmas decorations. This way, even though you’re outside, the Christmas vibe is still present. 

Play into the festive spirit by playing Christmas music on the outside speakers and to decorate, you could even string up fairy lights to further set the scene. By hosting a BBQ you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy time with loved ones, good food and the festive season. 

Planning a Christmas Party
Just because you’ve left your Christmas party planning to the last minute doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. The options for hosting a last-minute, yet enjoyable Christmas party are endless. From planning a BBQ or visiting a bar to hosting a cocktail or dinner party, there is a way for you to celebrate this festive season in style. 

Take the stress out of party planning by letting one of the Cooly Hotel’s various function spaces play host to your Christmas party. Catering to large and small groups, the Cooly Hotel is the perfect stress-free location for your Christmas party. Enquire with our functions team today.