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How to celebrate Melbourne Cup on the Gold Coast

How to celebrate Melbourne Cup on the Gold Coast
on 12 October 2017 in General News

The Gold Coast is famous for its glitz and glamour and love for outrageous luxuries. It’s a melting pot of trendy bars, fast cars, gym junkies and fake tans, and where high end international brands such as Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Prada and Givenchy mix alongside popular chain stores such as H&M, Zara and Sephora. Fashion and partying is a big part of Gold Coast life, so it makes sense that if you can’t be in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup, you should be on the Gold Coast.

Fashion is one of the main reasons why people celebrate the Melbourne Cup. It’s a chance to get frocked up in your best dress and hat or suited and booted in your best single breasted jacket. The effect the Melbourne Cup has on the retail sector is huge – in 2014, $53.1 million was spent on Melbourne Cup fashion in Victoria alone.

Time off work is another reason why so many partake in Melbourne Cup, with more than half of workers expected to take time off work to celebrate. Cup Day celebrations are found at most tracks nationwide, and many companies host Melbourne Cup events within the office. Others choose to visit pubs and clubs to get in on the action, the Melbourne Cup being a perfectly acceptable reason to drink on a Tuesday.

Of course the main reason why everyone loves Melbourne Cup lies in the possibility of picking a winner. Everyone is an authority on the race and everyone has their own opinion. This makes the process of punting fun and exciting and whether you spend the morning working, fixing your fascinator, or scouring the Internet for hot betting tips, it’s irrelevant come 3pm. People from all walks of life hold their breath side-by-side as the horses barrel around the track in a desperate bid for first place.  

Are you planning on celebrating Melbourne Cup 2017? Then read on to learn our top tips for making the most of it in Coolangatta…

Pick the right location

To watch the richest “two-mile” handicap in the world, you’ve got to ensure you pick a spot to celebrate with plenty of visual. No one wants to watch the race huddled around a single screen with twenty others.

At the Coolangatta Hotel, we make sure that everyone has a good view of the racing action. We have screens throughout the venue and races are on live and loud on all big screens. As well as visual, the Coolangatta Hotel offers well-run TAB facilities, sweeps, raffles, fashions on the field, bar snacks and live entertainment after the big race. We also offer a Melbourne Cup Menu that can be ordered from in the restaurant on the day.

Choose the right getup

Before you start panicking over the cost of a new outfit, let us remind you that the 2015 winner of the Myer Fashions on the Field was wearing a handmade dress. Simplicity and elegance is usually what counts, so before you spend a month’s wages, think carefully about what you’ll feel comfortable in.

Headwear is a must for women taking the Melbourne Cup seriously, but find the dress first before you go out and buy one. Matching a fascinator or hat to a dress is far simpler than the other way around, so start at Olive and Vern or Esteem’s Boutique. Remember too that it’s not Oaks Day – Melbourne Cup is all about spring fashion. Colours should be bright and bold and this is true whether you are male or female. Bright suits have been popular the last few years, so don’t be afraid to don some attention-grabbing colours from Coolangatta Menswear. If you’re opting for a flower, the official flower for the Melbourne Cup is the yellow rose.

Do your research

A professional punter will tell you there are too many unknown variables with the Melbourne Cup and to stay away from making a bet, but there’s no fun in that right? Information assembled in the lead up is vast and far from conclusive, but you can still get a good feel for the horses and jockeys with a little research.

Key areas that may help you pick a Melbourne Cup winner include:

Recent form

It’s incredibly rare for a horse that’s been having a bad run to suddenly come into form the day of the Melbourne Cup, so if a horse has been showing sign of weakness, take that as a bad sign. A horse’s recent form should show they are steadily improving.

The track

Flemington Racecourse is a unique course that requires a good level of balance and pace to sustain the challenge of a pear shaped track as they turn into the home straight. With rain-softened ground, Flemington can ride with a slight advantage to those positioned prominently.

Barrier draw

The need for a kind barrier draw is somewhat crucial to a horse’s chance at winning Melbourne Cup. Being drawn high can largely hinder winning claims, so those gifted with a gate in the low numbers usually have the best opportunity for a win.


The Melbourne Cup is renowned for being run at a lethal pace, therefore stamina is necessary to keep a strong speed. If a horse cannot run out a strong 3200m, it might as well stay home.


For a stayer to be dominant at the Melbourne Cup level they must invariably possess a gear change or turn of foot. The ability to quicken when required is the difference between a win and a place.


The 3200m test is tough enough without having to contend with a hefty weight, so horses toward the bottom of the handicap tend to fare better. Carrying a top weight can be a major thwart to a win.

Join your friends

Melbourne Cup is the opportunity to let your hair down, so even if your boss says they’ll put the TV on in the office and let you bring in a few snacks, you need to ask for an early finish. The Melbourne Cup is made by the company you keep, so say no to the office shindig and gather with friends at the Coolangatta Hotel. Get amongst the excitement and action and go in early if you have to. Just make sure that you’re at the Cooly by 3pm.