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Date Ideas for Couples in Coolangatta

Date Ideas for Couples in Coolangatta
on 28 October 2019 in Events & Entertainment

One of the keys to keeping the spark alive in a long-term relationship is continuing to court your significant other. The best way to do this is through regular date nights. The purpose of date nights is a way to reconnect and revive the feelings of both romance and love. In order to do this, you don’t have to spend big or even leave the house. 

When planning a date night, really think about your significant other in terms of their likes, dislikes and primary interests. With this in mind, plan a date night that revolves around these things and what you know your partner will want to do. Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like planning something that fits your significant other’s personality perfectly. 

Date ideas for home 

Executing a date night can sometimes be easier said than done. Once work and kids come into the picture, there can be a lot of obstacles in the way of spending time together. Don’t let this deter you though. Rather than feeling like the obstacles are too much, host a date night at home. That way money, children or other responsibilities can’t get in the way. 

At home dates are actually a great way to spice things up and get creative. This is because there are many different activities you can do at home that you might not be able to do outside. For instance, watching a double feature movie. Each person picks their favourite movie and you watch both while cuddled up on the couch. When you watch a movie at home there is much more room for talking than when at the movies. Also, by being in physical contact it creates the feeling of being close to that person. Sometimes feelings of closeness is all you need to keep the spark alive. 

Another at home date idea is to make dinner together. For added fun try your hand at a dish you both haven’t made before. That way you’re creating something together. Once the meal is put together, break out a tablecloth and light some candles. Being in the privacy of your own home lends more to talking about other things beside surface topics. 

Venture outdoors 

Venturing outdoors for a date is a way to experience many things at once. Firstly, you’ve got the chosen activity and secondly the added benefit of enjoying the fresh air. A perfect outdoor date always involves a picnic. Actually, it’s quite hard to beat a beautifully laid out picnic. By choosing a lovely blanket, delicious food and a picturesque setting, you’re showing your partner that you’ve put in effort. In turn, this makes your significant other feel loved and taken care of.

Another outdoor activity that is hard to beat is mini golf. The beauty of mini golf lies in the fact that it is just as entertaining as normal golf, but a whole lot quicker. No matter how many times you say you’re not playing to win, everyone wants to win mini golf. This competitive edge promotes fun. It also allows for bets to be placed, meaning that the winner gets something special from the loser. There’s nothing like a bit of competitive energy to keep the spark alive. 

An outdoor date can also be as simple as walking to the beach and lounging in the sand to enjoy the sun. Taking the time to stop, enjoy the surroundings and relax together can help couples feel close. 

Indoor wonders

A timeless indoor date idea is that of going to the movies. To really show that you care about your partner, pick a movie you know they will like. This gives off the message that you don’t care what you do, you just want to spend time together. This notion alone is enough to rekindle romantic feelings and remind your significant other of just how close you are. It’s not about what you do, it’s about showing your partner that you know them and what they enjoy. 

A tried and tested date night idea is that of going out for a meal. It doesn’t have to be to an expensive restaurant. It can even be a local take away joint that you both enjoy. Date nights are about spending time together doing the things you enjoy. Sharing a meal also allows you both to talk to each other without interruptions, something that having kids doesn’t necessarily always allow for. 

Date night doesn’t have to necessarily take place in the nighttime. Why not visit a local cafe for a lunch date and some drinks. Bin 72 boasts a cool, dark interior with an unbeatable beachfront view. Relaxing inside will have you feeling like the only two people in the world. Bonding over great food is something you shouldn’t take for granted. 

Date night

Date nights are one of the most important things that couples can do together. Taking the time to plan a date and then spend time together strengthens the bonds of the relationship. Date nights are not so much about what you do as how you do them. 

You should always execute a date night that shows just how much you know and care for the other person. This will go a long way towards promoting the feelings of closeness and deep connection that date nights can foster. 
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