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Kav Temperley ‘All Your Devotion’ Tour

Kav Temperley 'All Your Devotion' Tour
on 27 September 2018 in Events & Entertainment

Saturday 6 October
Free live show!

Best known as the frontman of the Australian Rock n’ Roll luminaires Eskimo Joe, acclaimed songwriter Kav Temperley is stepping out solo.

Playing songs from his forthcoming debut solo album ‘All Your Devotion’ and delving into his extensive back catalogue, Temperley will be taking his guitar and inimitable voice on the road to deliver an intimate experience for fans of his work throughout the years. 

Beyond his acclaimed song writing ability, Temperley is a lauded performer. From pubs to festivals to lounge rooms, decades of touring have honed Kav’s ability to truly engage with an audience.

In this stripped back form, Kav offers the kind of direct connection that isn’t often accessible. “I want to create a whole set of magical intimate moments, a connection with myself and my songs that you won’t find at big rock n roll show”.