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How to Plan the Perfect Work Christmas Party

How to Plan the Perfect Work Christmas Party
on 10 September 2019 in Events & Entertainment

Planning the perfect work Christmas party doesn’t have to become an overwhelming task. For those tasked with planning, break the process down into parts and bit by bit complete sections of the to do list. By remaining organised, a work Christmas party can be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

What you need to consider

A lot of things need to be taken into account when planning a work Christmas party. The party has to be the perfect balance between a fun night and a way to thank staff for their contributions during the year. A work Christmas party is the perfect place to encourage team bonding and morale yet it still needs to appropriately reflect the business. To not get overwhelmed by the party planning process, break it down into sections, working on one at a time.


A budget is a great place to start the party planning process. Because, at the end of the day, the budget is going to dictate everything on the night from venue hire to catering decisions. If the company’s boss is not planning the party, make sure to ask them what the budget is and work to that. Some hear the word budget and think of it as a prohibitive thing. However, when party planning, use the budget as a guide.

Setting the date

Most workplaces will have Christmas parties and there are only so many venues in town. With this in mind, work out a date with the staff that suits the majority of people and lock it in. It will undoubtedly take a bit of time for your colleagues to respond back to your kindly worded emails so ask about dates early on to ensure that slow respondents don’t hinder your big plans.


Once the date is locked in, it’s time to think about venue. This is done relatively early in the party planning process so that venues around town don’t book out for the date the whole office has agreed on. By starting planning early, you have the luxury of time on your side. So, visit local venues, function rooms or restaurants and see in person what location will be able to best accommodate the people invited and the needs of your Christmas party.

How to make it interesting

To help you plan a Christmas party to remember (for all the right reasons) think about making it a theme party. Maybe a masquerade party could be the way to go? After all it is the easiest and least expensive way to get people to dress up in costumes. Masquerade parties add an element of mystery to the night and could easily form the foundation for many different party game ideas. 

For those just wanting to let their hair down and have a good time at the Christmas party, a karaoke night could be the way to go. Everybody loves karaoke… or making fun of the people singing karaoke.

Making it happen

Once you’ve got an idea for your Christmas party, it’s time to make it happen. This means making bookings and getting all the wheels in motion to have a great night with your colleagues.

Start planning early  

Consider the decorations you’ll need. Place an order for the right invitations. Work out any additional things you’ll need to carry out the chosen theme as best as possible. If you start planning early you leave time for fixing things that will inevitably go wrong. Starting early also means that the pressure of your job and party planning won’t become too much. When planning bit by bit you eliminate the stress of party planning because you’re organised.

Book venue and entertainment

After you’ve scouted locations it’s time to book the venue. The Coolangatta Hotel could be the perfect venue for your Christmas party. With six different venue options for your function (with no room hire fee) we are sure to have the right room for you. 

After you’ve locked in the venue it’s time to think about entertainment. What type of entertainment is going to best suit the personalities and interests of your colleagues. Will they appreciate a live band, a DJ, or simply a Spotify playlist hooked into a sound system. If you’re looking to hire entertainment, book early as many other people in the area could be looking for the same band on the same night.

Food and drinks

It’s important to think about food and drinks early in the party planning process simply to be able to effectively cater to everyone’s needs. The best way to do this is to send out communication to the staff and have them relay any dietary or lifestyle requirements. This way everyone has something they like to eat and drink at the party. No matter the dietary requirements, there are plenty of festive themed food ideas out there.

Send out invites

There are a range of festive card options to choose from when it comes to invitations to the Christmas party. They could play into the theme of the party, feature an apt design or simply be an email reminder about the party. When deciding on an invitation it comes down to what works with the party and also what your coworkers will respond better to.

Have fun

Last but not least, enjoy the party! While planning any party can cause stress, don’t forget to take a step back on the night and enjoy what you have created. If you’ve done all the planning let the night flow and relax with the knowledge that you have done your best. 

Christmas parties are the perfect place to relax and unwind, enjoy the company of your coworkers and say goodbye to work for another year. So enjoy the night and the party you have created, in whatever form it may take.

The perfect party

The perfect Christmas party comes down to planning early and staying organised right up to party time. There are a lot of things to consider which requires great organisation, however, if the party planning process is broken down into sections and slowly worked on throughout the year, a great party in inevitable. The important thing to remember is to have fun on the night because above everything else, that’s what work Christmas parties are for.
  If you’re reading this guide because you’re looking at organising a Christmas party, feel free to speak to our friendly team today to learn more about why The Coolangatta Hotel is the perfect venue for your event. Call (07) 5589 6888 or email