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Why You Need to Plan A Family Holiday on the Coast

Why You Need to Plan A Family Holiday on the Coast
on 03 September 2021 in General News

The ultimate playground for everyone no matter what age you may be, the Gold Coast offers an abundance of activities for couples, thrill seekers, and those looking to have a good time. But truth be told, this magnificent city seems to hold a special place in every kid’s heart.

A child’s happiness can often be achieved through small things. Like a swimming pool at a hotel, or a beach with lots of sand, or a park to run riot on green spaces and play equipment.

Now magnify that opportunity by a gazillion and you’ll find yourself stepping on the doors of the Gold Coast – and we’re not talking about just a swimming pool or a couple of swings and slides. We’re talking big dreams of the country’s best theme parks including Sea World, Dreamworld, Movie World, Paradise Country, Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast, and more.

Beyond theme parks, the coastline promises an abundance of fun and excitement with beach and sea activities at a plenty.

Needless to say, parents will appreciate the peaceful nights with the kids all tuckered out from a days of fun-filled activities.

Without further ado, here are our top picks of things to do on your Gold Coast holiday with the kids.

1. Surfers Paradise 

The iconic landmark destination that keeps the Gold Coast bustling, a visit to Surfers Paradise is a must with the family. Check out Ripley’s Believe it or Not along the way to the beach, grab yourself a froyo or ice cream to cool off the hot summer day, dip your toes in the cool waters and play in the sand, wash off at the water facilities then grab a bite to eat at one of the many cafes, bars and restaurants that line the streets.

Check out Time Zone for some classic video game fun, or head to the gun range opposite Time Zone if you’re feeling a bit daring with the family. Walk around the shops and snag some classic souvenirs to bring home, or simply stock up on some of the latest fashion trends for the fam.

You could easily spend a whole day here at Surfers, making it an easy decision to commit to a family day trip when in the Gold Coast. 

2. Coolangatta Beach

If you’re looking for one of the best local beaches where the locals hang out at, head to Coolangatta beach.

This is the place for water sports, fun, and adventure. From wakeboarding to surfing, jet skiing, and more, sign the kids up to a session with the professionals at a surf school here.

After a day at Coolangatta Hotel, head over to the Cooly Hotel, which overlooks the beach, for a feast that will satisfy those hungry bellies. 

The menu is extensive and includes entrées, hearty pub classics, a kids menu, and weekend specials, that will win the hearts of even picky eaters. You’ll find mouthwatering dishes like chicken nuggets, battered fish and chips with salad, rump steak, cheeseburgers, spaghetti bolognese, and ham and pineapple pizzas on the kids menu.

Don’t forget to make a booking online to avoid any disappointment. 

3. Movie World and Wet’n’Wild

Not far from each other, you could try to do both Movie World and Wet’n’Wild on the same day.

Movie World offers the opportunity for kids to meet their favourite DC superheroes like Superman and Batman, and even catch a glimpse of the BatMobile in action. With an awesome Stunt Drivers show playing every day followed by more entertainment like the parade, Wonder Woman’s fight scenes, Catwoman’s bank robbery, and more, your kids will surely be entertained.

Little ones can explore the Kids’ WB Fun Zone which has its own kids driving school for them to get their hands behind the wheel. For the older (or taller) ones, a visit to the HyperCoaster, Arkham Asylum, or the Batwing Spaceshot ought to keep the adrenaline pumping.

With the heat is kicking in, it’s definitely a good reason to bring the family over to Wet’n’Wild for some water fun. From gravity defying rides like the AquaLoop to tight turning bends of the Constrictor, have the adrenaline rushing while keeping your kids mentally stimulated with fun and excitement. Do note, some rides are certainly not for the faint of heart although there are plenty of other low-level rides and experiences to be had here.

Little kids will adore the Junior Zone which includes age appropriate thrill rides, slides and a giant tipping bucket with plenty of water features. A smooth cruise around Calypso Beach will help the family relax from the fast paced environment of the park, while there’s plenty of food and beverages available to be purchased on site. 

4. Dreamworld & WhiteWater World

An entry to Dreamworld gives you an entry to WhiteWater World, and given how both parks are joined by the hip, you can try your best to knock both out in a day’s visit,

From animal experiences at the corroboree in Dreamworld to getting close with the tigers on Tiger Island, you’ll also have the opportunity to get in on some exciting rides such as the Sky Voyager. Little ones will love the kids zone which features The Wiggles, Banana in Pyjamas, and many more Aussie favourites.

Don’t forget to catch some Madagascar entertainment and grab a bite at the eatery for lunch before heading over to WhiteWater World.

Go for a splash at the Wiggle Bay and Pipeline Plunge. And if you’re daring enough, head to the Super Tubes, Little Rippers, and Hydro Coaster and experience WhiteWater’s most popular slides.