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Top 5 Places to Get Your Pizza Fix for International Pizza Day

Top 5 Places to Get Your Pizza Fix for International Pizza Day
on 01 February 2021 in Food & Drink

Ah, Pizza Day. The one day of the year where you have all the excuses in the world to get your pizza eating game on. Yep – you heard correctly! That’s a whole 24 hours to celebrate and indulge in mouth watering pizzas that will have your belly feeling satisfied and full to the brim.

Bearing humble beginnings that date back to 10th century in Naples, Italy, pizza was once a poor man’s dish. The simplicity of ingredients that put together a dough base, a tomato base (although not always the case), and whatever toppings were available at the time topped with some cheese to seal the deal, quickly became one of the most loved dishes of today.

In fact, pizza no longer is associated as a poor man’s dish, with an astonishing truth of the most expensive pizza, which can be found in Italy, setting your bank account back by $12,000 US dollars! Of course, you’d expect caviar, lobster and Remy Martin as part of your meal.

The modern day pizza has significantly transformed into a culinary art when compared to its origins. And with the quality of fresh produce, chef skills and a lot of creative experience, pizzas have become a whole new dish with the potential of being healthy in moderation.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a simple take on pizza without too many toppings, the traditional ranges of pepperoni, tropical, margherita, or even the intriguing new combinations such as seafood, meat lovers, and other exotic flavours. There’s always a pizza for everyone.

Given that there aren’t many foods better than biting into a perfectly cooked and flavourful pizza, we’ve taken the liberty to scout the best pizzas in the Gold Coast to indulge into this Pizza Day, happening on 9 February 2021.

1. Coolangatta Hotel 

Promising mouth watering pizzas that will have you ordering seconds, treat yourself to a quality pizza at the Cooly Hotel this coming Pizza Day.

Featuring the best of the best, pizzas are made on an 11 inch base with homemade Napoli sauce on top. The range includes El Pollo for the chicken lover who enjoys a good roast chicken with pumpkin, spinach, Spanish onion topped with mozzarella, the Hot & Spicy for those who love a fire starter in their meal, which includes pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, Spanish onion, a secret chilli sauce and mozzarella on top. 

If you’re feeling meaty this Pizza Day, don’t hold back and indulge in an All the Meats pizza that includes classic pepperoni, decadent bacon bits, heavenly pulled pork, smoked ham, caramelised onion, a rich bbq sauce topped with mozzarella.

And don’t forget the vegetarians who are looking to enjoy Pizza Day too! Have at the Garden Vegetable pizza which boasts pumpkin, mushroom, spinach, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella on top.

The Cooly Hotel has a kids menu that includes ham and pineapple pizza to make sure the kids feel included on Pizza Day too! 

An extensive menu of drinks, wine, spirits and fresh, cold beer on tap, your Pizza Day on the Gold Coast is set at the Cooly Hotel

2. Little Cooly Pizza Pasta Bar

A place dedicated to Italian food, you can expect the quality to be good. Being close to the beach with a view that looks out to it, Little Cooly Pizza Pasta Bar is a busy place that doesn’t take any bookings. The pizza menu boasts an authentic hand stretched pizza dough using local produce. 11 inch bases packed full of fresh topping combinations, it’s worth a try especially if you’re curious to explore odd combinations. This pizza establishment makes some creative pizzas that may seem odd to many such as the Snapper Rocks pizza that incorporates Tweed River prawns, cashews, avocado and mango. Alternatively, you could try their Queenslander pizza which signifies the most popular flavours of the state such as pork, feta, pineapple, and charred corn.

3. Earth ‘n’ Sea

Claimed to be a healthy take on pizzas, the doughs at the Earth ‘n’ Sea are made from a unique blend of wholemeal flour with a recipe dating back to 1976.

You’ll find your classic fare such as the El Supremo (a.k.a. your Supreme pizza), the Super Supreme pizza that has everything on the El Supremo plus pepperoni and pineapple, the Troppo which is a classic tropical Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple, the Prawneroni which is a seafood twist of prawns, pepperoni, onion, feta and garlic, the Garlic and Herb Classic pizza with tons of mozzarella, the BBQ Chicken pizza with mushroom and bacon, and many more varieties on the menu.

4. Francie’s Pizzeria

If you’re looking for vegan pizzas, Francie’s Pizzeria will wow you with its range. Vegan meatballs followed by fresh vegetables as toppings, and you have yourself a yummy vegan pizza. Tap beer is also served. 

Francie’s Pizzeria is on the pricey side and consistency of the service and quality is arguable based on recent reviews, however, you won’t know unless you try.

5. Coolangatta Pizzeria 

Classic pizzas with popular ones such as Pepperoni, Meatlovers, Supreme, BBQ Chicken topped with Australian mozzarella await you here at the Coolangatta Pizzeria.

For new specials, check out the Meatball pizza with house cooked beef meatballs on tomato base and garnished with Parmesan and basil, or explore the house favourite Peri Peri with house cooked chicken, roasted capsicum, caramelised onions, shallots on a tomato base garnished with house made peri peri sauce.

There are also many more quirky flavours such as Aztec, Souvlaki Lamb, Morrocon Lamb, Dijon Mustard Lamb, a good range of Prawn pizzas, and more.

Now that you know the 5 top pizza joints in the Gold Coast, you’ll be plenty prepared for a great pizza feast come Pizza Day 2021!