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5 Free Midweek Activities For You and Your Friends

5 Free Midweek Activities For You and Your Friends
on 14 September 2020 in General News

Having fun with friends is easy, especially when you are already in great company. However, lasting memories are built with little help on the side by experiencing amazing activities together and simply having an awesome time.

Unfortunately, most activities on the Coast come at a price. And given that we’re already in one of the hottest tourist hotspots in the country, several of these activities are expensive – even for the locals.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you have to go broke to have some fun. Here are our top 5 free midweek activities to keep you and your friends busy with enjoyment on the Gold Coast.

1. Live Music at The Cooly Hotel

If there’s one place to take advantage of for free activities on the Gold Coast, it’s the Cooly Hotel at Coolangatta. It’s where friends get together while enjoying the views of surfs breaking in the background.

Complimented to be one of Australia’s best live entertainment venues, you’ll be thrilled to know that this level of entertainment comes at no price. Featuring live music from both local artists and international performers, an experience at the Cooly Hotel will expose you to some of the best music the world has to offer.

Live music is available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with popular locals such as Agent 77, Mark Evans, Rob Rhodes, Locky, and more taking the stage.

2. Wednesday Trivia Night

The human race is naturally made of a bunch of competitive people. And there’s nothing more fun than playful banter and competition between friends.

Trivia games have become a staple in entertaining friends and family. By nature, we love the challenge and excitement of games. Add alcohol and socialisation to the mix and you have an absolute winner for a great night with your friends. Plus, if you’re the smart one in the bunch, it’ll give you that much more bragging rights to boast about among your friends.

From science to history to bizzare randomness, discover fun facts and amusement as you get your friends ready for Wednesday Trivia Night at the Cooly Hotel.

3. Thursday Musical Bingo Night

For those who haven’t heard the latest craze of traditional bingo with a musical twist, you’re in for a treat. A fun spin that gets everyone jamming to snippets of classic hits, but in a competitive mood, test your love for music with a game against friends.

Instead of letters, you’ll be listening to snippets of famous songs. Recognise the song and mark it off on your card if you have it listed. Cross out a row and you’ve won yourself a Bingo.

Not only is it superb fun for music lovers, but it’s also a great way to expose yourself to new songs that you might like and wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Happening at the Cooly Hotel every Thursday at 7pm, challenge your friends to an exciting Musical Bingo Night.

4. Kirra Hill Lookout

Looking to go out on an adventure as opposed to staying indoors? Head to Kirra Hill Lookout and get a picturesque view of the beach and headland extending all the way to Main Beach stretching south to Snapper Rocks.

It’s one of the best spots to see the sun rise or set. You can even throw a picnic there with plenty of barbecue and tables available on location.

To get there, it’s just a short walk through a path and garden, or a short but steep drive uphill.

5. Currumbin Rock Pools

A secret local favourite, the Currumbin Rock Pools are a great way to cool off from the sun and heat with quality freshwater swimming followed by excellent picnic facilities.

Getting there can be tricky as the signs are easy to miss, so do keep an eye out for a small general store when driving through the scenic road past farmland and forestry. That’s the landmark to know that you have arrived.

Make your way down a short flight of steps and you’ll find yourself at a grassy area that sits by a creek that runs into the main pool for swimming. Although many enjoy diving off the side of the rocks and into the pool, do note that it isn’t advised given the risks of injury. Instead, prepare a picnic along with some friends and take advantage of the shaded spots or picnic tables. Toilet facilities are available on site.

Do note that the Currumbin Rock Pools can get a little crowded on school holidays, but midweek on a school day, there won’t be as big a crowd.

Banner image credit: Drink Tea & Travel