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3 ways to cure a hangover (and where to find the best hangover food in Cooly)

3 ways to cure a hangover (and where to find the best hangover food in Cooly)
on 20 September 2018 in Travel & Lifestyle

It’s Saturday morning and you wake up feeling a little fuzzy. Scrap that. You’re a lot fuzzy. Those extra couple of beers seemed like such a good idea when your mate suggested them but now you’re feeling the full effect. It’s not pleasant. So what do you do? You cure it in three easy steps, that’s how…

1. Remind yourself why you feel rubbish

We get it. You’re feeling sorry for yourself. Your head is thumping, your mouth is dry, your heart rate is up and you’re extremely fatigued. Would it make you feel better if we reminded you of the great night you had? The band was pumping, the DJ was awesome, your mates were all there, the beers were cheap and there was UFC on the big screens. Sure you feel rubbish now, but you have to admit your hangover is a small price to pay for a great time, right?

2. Fill your belly

A breakfast of bacon and eggs with coffee on the side has long been a staple of those who burn the candles at both ends. Cysteine, an amino acid found in eggs, helps to break down acetaldehyde, effectively taking the pressure off your liver. The sugar and carbohydrates in your white toast can help redress your blood sugar levels and a dose of caffeine, found in your coffee, will dilate your blood vessels helping to relieve the pain of your headache. As for bacon, some swear by it and others can’t stand it. Like eggs, bacon contains amino acids, but it also slows down the rate in which you absorb alcohol. Some much prefer to eat bacon before they start drinking to slow intoxication – prevention rather than cure.

Fancy bacon, eggs and coffee but can’t stomach making it? Cafe 28, part of the Boardriders store, offers breathtaking views over Coolangatta Beach, a relaxed vibe and a great big breakfast loaded with bacon and eggs. It serves awesome Syndicate Espresso coffee too.

Bacon, eggs and coffee not doing it for you? Here are some other great hangover foods and where to find them in Cooly…

Pickles Pickles might not be your first pick of hangover foods but pickles will have you feeling better fast. Pickle juice contains a good mix of sugar, salt, water and vinegar, helping rebalance your electrolytes. Anything pickled is a winner, so why not head to Beach Burrito and grab a pulled pork taco with pickled cabbage, pickled peppers, pickled onion and pineapple salsa?

Avocado Drinking alcohol causes you to urinate more often and as a result you lose a lot of important nutrients. Avocado is a great source of potassium, one of the nutrients you’ll need to replenish along with sodium and water. It’s also chock-full of fiber, B6, carotenoids and heart-healthy fats. Order your avocado with a side of spinach at Crema Espresso and wash it down with a big glass of orange juice to absorb the nutrients faster.  

Mango Dehydration and not enough sleep requires you to restock your glucose levels. To do this, fill your belly with a fructose-loaded fruit, one that’s filled with water too. Mango is the perfect choice, increasing the two enzymes responsible for ridding the by-products of alcohol from your body. You can get your mango fix with a mango gelato at Gelato Messina or a mango smoothie at Traecy’s Smoothie Bar.

Chickpeas Evidence shows that eating foods with high levels of vitamin B6 can help reduce the symptoms of a hangover. Well, B6 doesn’t get much higher in level than in chickpeas. To get your chickpea fix it’s time to return to the Coolangatta Hotel for our legendary chickpea burger. Served with beetroot and balsamic slaw, fetta and rocket, our chickpea burger will put a spring in your step in no time.

ChocolateChocolate stimulates the pleasure centres of the brain by aiding in the release of the chemicals dopamine and serotonin. This means that chocolate can improve your emotional state when fighting a horrible hangover. Sugar in chocolate can also relieve symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) experienced after a bout of drinking. For everything chocolate, visit the Max Brenner bar. Choose a choctail icy shake, a chocolate mess to share, an exploding chocolate shot or a chocolate mountain cupcake. All delicious.

Sushi A hangover might cause you to avoid eating fish but the omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish is exactly what you should be having. Absorbent rice will help beat your hangover too. Grab a sushi fix at O-Sushi and add to that a bowl of miso soup. The salt in the miso will rehydrate and replenish your body’s sodium levels.

3. Drink plenty of water

While your first instinct may be to embrace the logic of hair of the dog, try drinking plenty of water instead. Alcoholic is a diuretic and so dehydration might be part of the feeling you’re experiencing.

Always remember, stick to just one or two beers today or you’ll be on the search for a hangover cure tomorrow too. See you soon at the Coolangatta Hotel!